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“Fast” customizations options for backpacks.

These most popular add-ons are available on every product’s page. Just select the required options and we will add them to your bag.

Side pockets height is 25 cm ( 9,8 “). The width depends on the model of the backpack.
Without pockets, the backpack looks more stylish. So they can be removed if you do not find them useful.
Also, pockets can be adjusted to fit your lovely water bottle.

Front flat pocket.
Top flat leather pocket with a zipp

Small flat pocket on top of a backpack. Size: 12cm x 23cm ( 4,72in x 9,06in )
Useful for every little thing: travel cards, napkins, cords and chargers for phones.

Pocket on the back.
The back pocket with a zipp.

A flat pocket on the back of a backpack. Size 23cm x 23cm ( 9,06in x 9,06in )
Useful for storing documents, phone and other flat things.

Internal flat pocket.
Internal flat canvas pocket with a zipp.

Additional flat pocket with a zipper. Located inside of central pocket.
Size 20cm x 15cm ( 7,82in x 5,91in )

Sleeping bag attachment.

Set of two leather patches with removable belts made of the same leather as used on the backpack.
This add-on will be useful if you need to attach something on the outside of your backpack: yoga mat, sleeping bag, clothes or trekking poles.
Pads can be placed on the bottom of the backpack, on the left or right side.

Length of belts is 60 cm (23 inches). Width – 2,5 cm ( 1 inch)

Top zipper closure.

A small addition to the higher security of your things.

The option will be useful if:
– you often carry a fully loaded backpack.
– you fly plane and want to check your luggage

For higher security, we will add a zipper on the main compartment.

Removable chest strap.

Removable sternum straps attach via snap buttons to the shoulder straps of a backpack for additional stabilization.
Length: 45cm (17,8″). Width: 2cm (0,8″)

The buckle looks beautiful and safe, but sometimes you want more convenient and quick access to your pocket. If you prefer buttons or carabiners, you can change closure type on the front pocket by simply adding one of the suggested options.

A buckle with a strap.

The most reliable and safe option. The buckle is directly sewn to the pocket or fastened with rivets

A buckle with a button.

Sometimes called a “fake buckle”. Less secure but convenient option. The buckle is attached to the pocket with a snap button.

A snap hook.

A small and beautiful snap hook.

A snap button.

Only one snap button. Minimalistic design. Best suited for backpacks in a small size.

And engraving…
We engrave text in the lower right corner of the central pocket. Please, specify any text or initials for laser engraving. If you need something more complex, for example, a picture, contact us. It is also possible.

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