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Bespoke & custom backpacks and bags made of the classic waxed canvas and leather. Handmade in Slovakia. Worldwide Shipping. 

InnesBags is original and stylish handcrafted leather bags, waxed canvas and leather backpacks.
Each of them made in our little family workshop, located in Bratislava, Slovakia.

We sew original and high-quality handbags and backpacks from fabric, leather and waxed canvas.

For our bags we use only high quality leather and fabric from Italia, UK, USA, Czech Republic and Slovakia.


It all started with bright сotton bags.

A few years ago I decided to sew for myself an interesting textile bag for the summer.
After the first bag there was the second for my friend. With every new item, I learned something new in the technology of sewing bags.
And after some time I realized that this hobby can become a favourite work. I started taking orders from my blog readers.
One year later, my husband has joined the process of creation bags, and now it is a family workshop.

We enjoy the process of creating each item in our store. Every stage of the work is interesting in its own way, from concept sketches and material selection to the last stitch.
It's very interesting to combine different types of materials, color combinations, to think over all the functionality of the internal parts.
We have also engaged in waxing canvas to create our waxed backpacks.
We use only natural beeswax. The result is very impressive.

Our workshop is constantly evolving. We come up with more and more new models and also add small leather accessories to our bags and backpacks.
This area will be expanded and you will be able to order sets of products of the same style and color.

We make our bags and backpacks from only high-quality genuine leather, mostly of Italian origin, and cotton canvas.

Sincerely yours,
Inna and Serhii

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